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What Did You Think??!!?

Cyberschool is rapidly coming to an end here at the Blurb.  In fact, we only have about 6 days left!  It seems like only yesterday that we made our first ever post.  Now—124 countries, 50 states and just about 20,000 … Continue reading

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Tipsy Tots and Teens…

We learned about an interesting law today in the United Kingdom that says that children over the age of 5 are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at their home but not in public.  Children over the age of 16 can … Continue reading

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The Real Live Jungle Book…

I personally believe that the most important current event that we have looked at in the past week took place in Colombia, where the indigenous Nukak Maku are being exterminated.  As the war between FARC and the government escalates, the … Continue reading

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Arguing against Spongebob’s Argument….

Though all of the current events this week were interesting and very important—-including the closing of Venezuela’s television station that Spongebob argued about—the one current event that stands out to me is malnutrition in Choco, Colombia.  I didn’t think that … Continue reading

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To Cull or Not To Cull-That is the Question

In South Africa, officials have decided to start an elephant cull.  This is because over the past few years, the elephant population has almost gone too far for the carrying capacity.  So South Africa’s "great" idea was to start an … Continue reading

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Our Current Argument #2

This week, we studied some current events and now we are arguing about which was the most important.  The current events that we studied are: The oldest television station in Venezuela has been shut down: In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez shut … Continue reading

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Eurovision Winner to be Chosen Today!

Today in class, we previewed many of the contestants for this year’s Eurovision Song contest—an uniquely European version of American Idol where bands represent their nation in a musical competition.  The BBC predicts that Germany will be this year’s champion, … Continue reading

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Here is My Hero…

In some of our previous Blurbcasts, we have been debating about who should be counted as a hero.  To continue this, Daffy Duck has interviewed her hero.  Her hero is the proud owner of Pathways Treatment Center.  She is a … Continue reading

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My Argument Against the Argument Against the Current Argument

Here today on the Blurb, we have an interesting arguement about which current event was most important this week.  Raggedy Anne thought that Denmak exploring biofeul solutions was most important.  Peoples thought that the poor people in Brazil was most … Continue reading

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