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The… Let’s Just Say “Track-In Musical Piece”…

We are finally back!!! While you were working on random school projects, we were at our houses eating Twinkies and watching soap operas. Surprisingly, we managed to live through track out, and set a record by only fainting from diaper … Continue reading

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One Fish, Two Fish, RED Fish, BLUE Fish….

So Blurbers, We’ve been studying the culture of Southern Europe recently and we found out lots of interesting things.  One thing that we learned is that many buildings in Southern Europe are colorful like a rainbow.That gives me a clue … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace?

Today in cyberspace we have learned about finding the remains of a 46 year old man who was frozen in the mountains of Italy over 5,000 years ago. He was found in a glacier that was 10,500 feet above ground.  … Continue reading

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Playing Marbles…

A few centuries ago when the Ancient Greeks still belived in the gods, the Greeks built a special building that was named the Parthenon.  This building was a beautiful temple to Athena that included incredibly decorative marble sculptures all around … Continue reading

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Bullfighting = Animal Cruelty?

Today in class, we got to talking about the Spanish Tradition of bullfighting.  In a bullfight–which are huge sporting events in Spain attended by thousands in stadiums like our football stadiums—matadors attempt to kill a bull. The matador has a … Continue reading

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Little Bo Peep and Her Stinking Sheep!

Today, in class, we learned about a sheep protest that occurred in Madrid, Spain. On the BBC website, these pictures explain a lot and help to understand the entire problem better. For fifteen years, this protest has been happening to … Continue reading

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Greek Riot!!

A group of Greeks whom have migrated from Nigeria rioted over a 20-year old Nigerian man’s death. This occurred in the northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece during the third weekend of August. The man was selling pirated DVD’s, who felt … Continue reading

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