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Track Out Rap #1

Sadly, our Cyberschool is on the year-round calendar this year.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, our school doesn’t get a summer vacation.  Instead, every 9 weeks, we get 3 weeks off.  From September 30th to … Continue reading

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Beware the Pigeon and WATCH YOUR STEP!

Have you ever been to Venice, Italy?  If you have watch out for the pigeons!  The huge population of pigeons is costing the residents of Venice 275 Euros a year.  That translates to 378 American Dollars.  The money is used … Continue reading

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Nigerian Pushback. . .

So our recent post on the sad state of life in Nigeria—and the role that American companies has played in the problem—has drawn lots of attention.  Here are two interesting viewpoints. Skip Rope—one of our regular readers for over a … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Black Gold…

This may sound absurd, but American companies like Shell are ripping off Nigeria. Yes, that’s true.  For the past 20 years, we have been taking a lot of oil from the Nigerians because they are using our equipment to get … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name…Patriot Day

As our country reflects back on the horrors of September 11, 2001, we were struck by the name of this national day.  On September 11 we heard an announcement from our principal asking us to join in a moment of … Continue reading

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You Can Be Spidey Too!

Today in our class in cyberspace, we learned (and discussed the idea), and asking that if it was a good idea or bad idea that professors in Turin, Italy are creating the first prototype Spiderman suit like the one worn … Continue reading

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The Blurb Remembers….

Nine-Eleven; A day of sadness… A day of grieving… A day of war— A day we, as a Country As a Family, Will Never Forget. September the 11th was the beginning of a sad time.  American troops fought to our … Continue reading

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Eta’s Gonna Get Ya…

Recently,  Eta was blamed for bombing a car in Durango, Spain. Eta is a group in the Basque region of Spain that wants freedom to govern their own country. The ETA has been setting off bombs in Spain and France … Continue reading

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The Largest Food Fight Ever!!!

La Tomatina is the biggest food flight in the world. Up to 40,000 people come every year for this amazing event. This event takes place in Bunol, Spain. It all started when a bunch of kids started throwing tomatoes at … Continue reading

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To The Blurb Nation…

All I have to say is that I’m blown away.  You see, our current Blurbers have made one post and they’ve already gotten about 10 messages of good luck and best wishes from former Blurbers and Opus-ers.  That has completely … Continue reading

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