Rings, Hobbits and Mountains of Doom

What may be one of the most popular books of the 20th century, The Lord of the Rings has been very popular from the first day, and is still read today.

The tale tells of a thirty-two year old hobbit (a midget-like creature with pointy ears and an enormous appetite) named Frodo Baggins who inherits a ring from his elderly uncle, Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo’s well-known friend named Gandalf, who is a wizard, discovers that the ring that Frodo owns is The One Ring.

Forged by the Dark Lord Sauron, in the fires of Mount Doom, located in the very heart of the evil country, Mordor. Gandalf tells Frodo that it is already late, and the armies of evil are already starting to hunt down the Ring. The only choice is to throw the Ring into the fires of Mount Doom from which it came. Only there may it be undone.

Frodo then sets out on a journey to Mordor, along with three more hobbits: Sam, Merry, and Pippin, to destroy the Ring and foil the Dark Lord and his evil purpose. If they fail, Middle-Earth is doomed.

I strongly recommend this epic tale to everyone, but mostly to the people who enjoy Middle-Age war stories, along with anyone who loves a fantasy story with excitement and adventure, yet with trust and friendship combined. If you happen to take my advice and read this, and you have no trouble understanding it, that’s great.

I would recommend you watch one movie every time you finish one of the books. However, if you happen to have trouble picturing and understanding what is going on in the story, watch the first movie once you hit around the halfway mark in the first book.

The book is also very boring at first, but don’t ditch it the second you start it.

If you read this book, leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of it!


Cheesy McPheasy


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6 Responses to Rings, Hobbits and Mountains of Doom

  1. Ellie J. says:

    Hey new blurbers. I am a blurber from last year and so far I think you guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. The Joker says:

    You guys should use a rating system called outbrain because you have so many visitors. and if they don’t feel like leaving a comment they could just rate it instead.
    The link is outbrain.com
    -The Joker

  3. umm.... yeah says:

    nice. i agree this is a great book. it has great action and lititrue.

  4. Rowdy Roddy says:

    Hey Cheesy,
    I really enjoyed your review. Not only did you give us some great detail, but you incorporated the movies and the very true fact that these books are not easy to read. Most young people jump ship about half way through. I love the idea of trying the movie if you need a little kick to get you through.
    Have you seen the SMS Guys Read blog? You would be a valuable addition to our group. Think about coming by some Tuesday.
    What are you reading now? I think I might suggest the Narnia series or the Golden Compass trilogy.

  5. rarestone says:

    Oh what a good review! I have not read the book, and I think I might give it a go now. Also just wanted to say your blog is very interesting, and now that I have discovered it, I will be a constant reader.

  6. Cheesy McPheasy says:

    Hey peoples! It’s me, Cheesy McPheasy here to respond to some of your encouraging comments that you’ve left me so far! Well first, Rowdy Roddy or whatever your name was, you asked me what I’m reading right now. Well right now I am reading a young adult series called Cirque Du Freak. It’s actually being made into a movie right now, but more about that in my review the series.
    Also thank you… rarestone, is it? Okay then, but anyways I think that comment was one of the best comments I have ever received for anything. Just because of your comment I intend to write more reviews on the blurb. Thanks to everyone who actually reads this stuff!!
    Cheesy McPheasy

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